Tenant Move In Or Out Checklist

Before you move the tenant in or out of the property after the lease agreement is not the only procedure that takes place. Another major task is to complete a property inspection before moving the tenants in or out the property in order to keep a check on all the damages that the tenant has caused and it also reduces the risks related to the security deposits and several disputes are also avoided if the inspection of property is done with care.

In order to conduct a thorough inspection of the property, you can use the tenant move in/out checklist. Sometimes while inspecting the property, we often overlook the small aspects of the property which makes a big difference of the overall inspection of the property. The use of tenant move in/out checklist enables the person to consider all the small and large details related to the property under inspection.

The main components of the tenant move in/out checklist are the items that have broken down and repair cost column. An extra field can also be added in this checklist which will personalize the inspection for the features of the property.

The name of the party which has been given the right to perform inspection should also be added in the checklist. There should be enough space in the checklist so that at least three tenants can sign there. The most important field in the checklist is the one which saves the current tenant’s future address so that you can follow him up after he moves out.


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