Travel Permission Form For Students 

If the children are not travelling with their parents rather they are going alone with the trip, then they need to get the permission from their parents. The Travel Permission Form For Students is a legal document which simplifies the travelling purpose of the student. In response to this form, the parents issue a permission letter in which they state that they have permitted their child to go on a tour.

When a student has the permission letter, it reflects that he/she has got the permission to travel without parents. The forms should be given to the parents of the student by the institute for filling them. There are several questions which are asked to the parents and it as advisable for the parents to reply all the questions included in the form.

The major information to be included in the form is the name of the state, name of parents, who are non-travelling, telephone number of non-travelling parents, address of non-travelling parents, name of student, travel destination, child’s passport number, departure date, return date and many other such relevant information is added in the travel permission form.

At the end of the form, the signatures of the parents or the guardians must be taken. Since the travel permission form for students is a legal document, the form should be signed by the parents or guardians in front of two or more witnesses. The signatures of each witness should also be there on the form.


Travel permission form for students


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