Visitor’s Log Template

If you are operating a business then you must be aware of the fact of meeting many new people in your daily routine. You not only meet them, but you converse with them and exchange your point of views. There are people you are planned to visit and there are people who pay you unplanned visits. Different types of meetings are conducted on daily basis in your office.

You can get various benefits from these visits. Public relations are important for your business. Since there are many people who visit you therefore, it is not possible for you to remember them all. You can maintain a record of all the people who visit you as you must need to contact them in future for your business deals. For this you need to have a visitor’s log template.

A visitor’s log template is an official document that maintain the record of all the people visiting your office. It contains information regarding the visitors, like their name, address, contact information, date,day, time and the purpose of paying the visit. You can review it whenever you like, either on daily basis, monthly or on yearly basis to know who visited you, when and for what reason.

You can easily get hold of this template by downloading it. It is available online on various sites to facilitate you. It is an easy template and its use is not difficult for an educated person. It has a few sections only that need to be fill.


Visitors Log


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